Yoga at Heartwood Yoga Institute

Check out this great video to get a feel for what yoga is like at Heartwood Yoga Institute.

We strive to make yoga a deeper experience.

Heartwood offers a variety of yoga classes for the general public, each class designed for bigger and quieter yoga experiences where people can enjoy convening with nature and retreating from life's stresses in a relaxed, beautiful environment. Our classes not only provide excellence in theory and form, (thanks to a teaching staff comprised of only experienced RYT-500 certified teachers with special training in yoga therapy, Reiki and other healing mediums) but the beauty of the space, the gorgeous natural environment, and the resources of a meditation garden, walking labyrinth and other mindful spaces provide opportunity for a deeply introspective and expansive yoga experience. (Scroll down to see a list of our yoga options, class descriptions and prices.)


Pause to reflect and renew

 For up to one hour after class at Heartwood Retreat Center, students are invited to hang out to browse our yoga library, relax in our welcoming yoga center or to visit the Chakra meditation garden with a cup of tea or a journal, a wonderful way to extend the yoga experience to include much deserved personal time for reflection, balance, and to feel deeply refreshed, inspired and renewed. We want your yoga experience to go beyond the physical, by encouraging you to embrace yoga beyond the hour on the mat, so your practice will serve you in deeper ways.. 

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Yoga Offerings

Yoga Classes & Workshops


Heartwood has a variety of weekly yoga & meditation classes available, including gentle, restorative, flow, yin, and specialty classes such as nature yoga at the medicine wheel, yoga on the labyrinth, kundalini & Ashtanga and other forms. All instructors at Heartwood are seasoned RYT-500 teachers with specialty training,  (LMT, C-IAYT ) to assure you are in capable experienced hands.  Download our free phone app (HeartwoodRetreatCenter) for daily schedule updates. 

Yoga Therapy & Private Instruction


Heartwood staff have the highest credentials recognized in yoga, making them highly proficient mentors for anyone seeking private instruction or formal yoga therapy. Our therapists are C-IAYT - certified with the International Association of Yoga Therapy. Heartwood offers free Yoga for Cancer Recovery Classes and other therapy oriented yoga programs in a commitment to promote health and wellness for all. 

Children's Yoga


Heartwood offers children's yoga classes and a very special youth yoga camp for ages 4-12 or teens each summer. Our youth yogis not only do yoga on the mat, but aerial yoga, nature activities, introspective art and learn about yoga through stories, games and more. Heartwood is a certified children's yoga facility and all teachers are RCYT (Registered Children Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.) 

Yoga for Cancer Recovery


 No matter what stage of cancer treatment you are in, yoga can help  with stress, pain management, self-acceptance, trusting your body again,  and learning holistic tools to promote ongoing health and wellness in  your life.  This cancer  informed gentle yoga class is appropriate for everyone addressing the challenges of cancer and will nurture your body, calm your nervous system, and invite positivity into your heart and mind in support of  your healing journey. All those  who have been impacted by cancer are invited to attend.   

Online Courses


We strive to help our students dive deeper into yoga theory to support a greater understanding of authentic yoga. Check out our free online courses to expand your awareness.



Following select classes (or you can skip the yoga and come for meditation alone) we schedule  guided meditation sessions. Heartwood also features weekend meditation retreat to learn and practice various meditation techniques. We also offer monthly sound healing crystal bowl and gong sound bath.

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga (gentle)


 Gentle Yoga serves as a great introduction to yoga and/or is designed for students with physical limitations or who have stepped away from  physical challenges for a while and need a gentle reentry to body conditioning. The class offers traditional Inegyar inspired hatha yoga instruction with an emphasis on proper alignment, breathing, gentle  stretching, and stress relieving restorative poses. 

Restorative Aroma yoga (extremely gentle)


A restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends. This class gently restores the body and mind, with soothing poetry, aroma and gentle poses, a great way to re-set the nervous system and to honor and care for your body.  

All Levels Yoga (moderate)


 These  class offers traditional Ingeyar inspired hatha yoga with full sun salutations, pranayama (breathing) and a variety of balance and stretching postures. Inversions are limited to supported poses and  restorative asana positions. The instructor offers alternative poses and movement suggestions throughout the class, assuring all students can work to the level appropriate to their current development. 

Movement and Meditation (gentle)


 Journey to the Heart, and Movement and Meditation are meditative  classes, healing in nature, designed to reduce stress & reconnect with yourself.  These slower-paced,  mindfulness based practices provide a safe, compassionate  environment that is softer, nurturing, meditative and relaxing. Accessible to all levels and ages.

Yin Yoga (gentle/moderate)


Yin is a yoga system that is designed for good join health and the  restoring of deep connective tissue. With a relaxed approach to postures  that are held for 3-5 minutes, this class increases flexibility while  addressing areas of the body that are not addressed in the traditional  mat class.    

Flow Yoga (moderate)


Flow  yoga is a vinyasa style of practice that incorporates breath and movement with held postures to move energy and forge a deep relationship with the body and the breath. This Iyengar inspired practice is an all levels yoga class incorporating some meditation.  Slow Flow and Roll is a flow class incorporating a yoga wheel for added health benefit. Appropriate for beginners and all levels.

Aerial Yoga (moderate)


Learn how to greatly supplement your existing yoga practice with gravity and inversion positions that traction the full spine and joints, stabilize the structural muscles and flush and invigorate the entire hormone system. Our Om gym yoga system provides an adjustable yoga sling with attached handles to safely take your yoga practice off the mat and into the air. We also have aerial silk classes for those looking for the  cocoon effect in their practice. These classes begin on the mat and  graduates to the sling where the instructor offers a patient, careful  introduction to the benefits of aerial yoga. Students work at their own  pace and comfort level. Appropriate for beginners.   

Yoga Nidra (extremely gentle)


During this restorative yoga practice, sometimes referred to as “yogic sleep” the body is comfortable and supported in Savasana. An accessible  practice for all, it can be experienced on a mar or in a chair, To bring the body to a state of complete relaxation, students are led through a series of guided meditations which include body and breath awareness  to purposefully connect into the deeper realms of the mind creating a space for healing. Yoga Nidra can help relieve stress, anxiety,  headaches, trauma-related disturbances and sleep disorders. 

Nature Yoga (gentle/moderate)


 Start your day in a spiritual way! Our Nature Yoga category allows students to take their yoga beyond the classroom to the beautiful grounds of Heartwood. This includes Yoga on the Labyrinth, Yoga at the Medicine Wheel, or inspirational classes in our outdoor pavilion. Each class has a theme, such as finding our path or purpose, letting go, non-attachment, trust, connecting to nature or other inspirational yoga concepts with meditation and practice designed to provoke thought and inspire appreciation, change and acceptance of issues in our lives. 

Class Fees